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Free shipping $35+ or $4.99 flat, 5% off order $100+

Van Holten’s Pickle-Ice


Pickle-Ice is the same brine in Van Holten’s pickles with additional electrolytes added.

Real Van Holten’s Pickle Brine is packaged in portable 2 oz pops. Van Holten’s Pickle-Ice can be enjoyed frozen or unfrozen as a refreshing treat on a hot day or an athletic supplement that helps rehydrate and prevent cramps.

Electrolytes in Pickle-Ice:

* Sodium - Maintains fluid balance
* Potassium - Prevents cramping
* Calcium – Regulates muscle contractions & heart rhythm
* Magnesium – Relaxes muscles

  • No Sugar
  • No calories
  • Low carb
  • Fat Free
  • Gluten-Free