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Free shipping $35+ or $4.99 flat, 5% off order $100+

Lillie's Q Southern Barbeque Sauce


Give the gift of barbeque with Lillie's Q signature Southern-style barbeque sauces.

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial colors/flavors
  • Made with gluten-free ingredients

Hot Smoky Memphis-style sauce is sweet up front but finishes with plenty of heat.

Smoky Memphis-style sauce is sweet and mild with a dash of smoke.

Gold South Carolina sauce (a tangy, mustard-based sauce) is a true South Carolina BBQ.

Western North Carolina sauce is equally balanced and tangy with hints of apple, crafted to honor Western Carolina BBQ traditions.

Eastern North Carolina sauce offers a tangy kick with spices and vinegar.

Ivory Northern Alabama sauce is a true tangy Alabama white BBQ sauce with a pinch of cayenne.