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Free Shipping on orders of $49.99+ or $7.99 flat rate, 5% off order $120+
Free Shipping $49.99+ or $7.99 flat, 5% off order $120+

Shipping Policy

What is Cool Ship?

We are committed to delivering your orders with the best quality for you to enjoy. During the warm weather season (April-October), we recommend customers to upgrade the shipping method to "Cool Ship". The cost of insulated packaging (Cold Pack, Insulated Box,...) is included with Cool Ship shipping method. Please note that we will only be shipping Cool Ship orders on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Orders placed after 10:00 AM EST on Wednesday may not be shipped until the following Monday to minimize exposure to high temperatures while in transit to you.

Please immediately retrieve your package from shipping carriers when first delivery confirmation is sent out to keep your product away from sunlight and heat.

Orders shipped with "Standard/Flat Rate/Free Shipping" method will still be shipped at customers' own risk of heat damage.

Warm Weather Damage

No warranty will be provided for meltable (heat sensitive) products during warm weather months if inappropriate shipping method was selected upon checkout or if packages were not retrieved from shipping carriers immediately when first delivery confirmation was sent out.